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Box Springs & Box spring in Studio City

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Let's answer couple of common questions about box springs.

First of all, what is a box spring?

A box spring is essentially a platform used to hold your mattress from sinking into your bed. It is basically a wooden frame that is wrapped in fabric. If you are looking for a box spring in Studio City, look no further. Burbank Discount Mattress has queen box spring in Studio City in stock.

Do i need a box spring?

The necessity of the box spring depends on what kind of a bed you have and what type of a mattress you have or are planning to buy. By the way we carry any type of box spring in Burbank. As we mentioned before a box spring is designed to hold the mattress from sinking into the bed. So if your bed does not have a frame or a slat system designed to hold the mattress than you will absolutely need to buy a box spring. You also need a box spring with a conventional metal frame that only has two support beams (one by the headboard and one by the footboard). However, many beds now days already come with a built in mattress support system such as a slat system or slat pack. In this case you would no longer need a box spring since your mattress has already got a support underneath. The only exception to this is if you are purchasing a foam mattress. Foam mattresses require to lay on a completely flat surface. Because of this they are not recommended to be placed directly on slats because this would damage the mattress and void the mattress warranty. 

Whats the correct size for a box spring?

Box springs generally come in 9in thickness. However, at Burbank Discount Mattress we can a make custom box spring in any thickness from 1 inch to 12 inches. The correct size of the box spring depends on your bed. Some beds are made as a platform bed meaning that the mattress sits on top of a platform. For this type of a bed you need a really low profile box spring also known as bunkie board. If your bed has a more traditional structure where the mattress sits below the side rail of the bed than the thickness of the box spring depends on how high you want your mattress to sit. Essentially the right thickness of the box spring is simply a matter of preference. Simply put, the thiner the box spring the lower the overall hight of the mattress. 

How to choose the right Box Spring?

There is really no right or wrong box spring. The main difference between the box springs are the quality of materials and thickness. As we already discussed the thickness depends on your bed and how high you want the mattress to sit. As far as the quality of the box spring, the only thing that separates an inexpensive box spring from an expensive ones is the material that it is glued with and wrapped in. The expensive box springs use non-toxic adhesives and also organic cotton  or other natural fabrics to wrap the box spring. Also the price depends on if the box has been fireproofing retardants or uses natural materials such as wool to fireproof the box spring. 

Does a box spring make my mattress firm?

This is a question that we hear everyday at Burbank Discount Mattress. So does it make the mattress firmer? Yes and no. Yes because the box spring is a flat hard surface that doesn't let your mattress sink. However it really doesn't to anything to the feel of the mattress itself other than preventing the whole mattress sinking into the bed frame. 

Custom Box Spring

At Burbank Discount Mattress we have an abundance of box springs of different sizes and thickness. We carry Twin box springs, Full size box springs, Queen box springs, king box springs and California King box springs as well as custom sizes.  Call us to find out more!