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Burbank Discount Mattress

Mattress store in Burbank where good night sleep isn't expensive!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return my mattress?

We are a discount mattress store. That means because of our low overhead due to being in a warehouse of our Kids Furniture store we do not work with 200-300% margins like an ordinary retail mattress store. We only markup our product to 30% and pass on the savings to our customers. Due this low profit margin we cannot afford to do returns. That is also why we recommend visiting us and trying out the mattresses that we carry. In a rare case that you absolutely hate your mattress we offer our customers store credit with a restocking fee of 25%. 

how long does it take to get my mattress?

Since all of our mattresses are custom made in California it takes on average 3-5 business days to make your mattress. Once your mattress is ready we require another 3-5 business days to deliver it to you. So on average it takes about 5-7 Business days to receive your mattress. We also try to keep our best selling mattresses in stock so please call us if you need a mattress immediately.

How long is my warranty?

Most of our mattresses come with 10 year warranty and some of our higher end luxury mattresses come with 15-20 year warranty. Every mattress has different components so it will have different lifespan. However the minimum warranty on all of our mattresses is 10 years limited. Please check with a customer service representative about the details of a particular mattress.